Monday, September 5, 2011

holy schmoly

I have already been in school for 15 days! where they heck did time go? seriously? I have already have a math test, and have an essay due this Thursday. Teachers don't mess around. I'll tell ya. I am taking Math 1010 at the college. It's fast and I am catching on pretty well. I do have troubles at times tho. I am also taking physics. Oh my lantis, that class will be the death of me. It's hard. And English with Abernathy is great. She is a gypsy or something I tell ya. She is so knowledgeable. I love it. I also took in an application to TJ Maxx. I need to get a job sooner or later. & sooner would be great. I went to Vegas this weekend just to kick back and relax. Went to H&M and ate at the Cheese Cake Factory. It was nice to get away. I forget about this blog I had of mine. It's been too long since i've been on here. I can't believe i'm a senior either. It feels nothing like it. I don't feel like one of the oldest ones in the school. it's weird. I'm growing up! ahh. And now i'm sick of typing.. so see you!

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